The Missions

Our mission is to make shibari easy by ‘teaching you to fish’, rather than merely presenting you with one. We do this by providing very comprehensive, yet easy to follow multi-media guides, which will help you to tie safely with passion and creativity. Of course, we will give you many specific bondage ties and ideas as well.

We go far beyond the usual basic ‘paint by numbers’ demonstrations that you might have seen elsewhere. Our unique ‘ingredients’ based approach shows you the ‘how’ but also, most importantly, explains the ‘why’. This include the important subtleties that help create feeling and psychological impact. With this knowledge, you will discover how to do this with greater confidence and gain the expertise to spot and correct your own mistakes.

Shibari is not just about knots but all about the way you use the rope to please your partner, how it can be a tool of communication and an extension of your hands…and will. As the one who coined the expression ‘tying people, not parcels’ and was preaching it before some of today’s teachers had even picked up a rope, you will be getting this advice for all those year’s experience first-hand and undiluted.

We believe you will be surprised how much you will improve your tying and understanding of this art. You will learn things that might take you years to discover otherwise.

In addition to transforming the way you tie, you will gain confidence and dominance because you will possess demonstrable skills and in learning these, you will also build self-discipline. This will focus you in the present and therefore expand your awareness. A chain of events that can only benefit you. This is common to many of the martial arts and, of course, shibari’s heritage is in hojojutsu and samurai techniques.