Rookie mistakes when choosing butt plug

Prostate stimulator, butt plug or Thai beads cause secret sensory experiences in people, but the theme of anal pleasures is fanned by many myths that form a psychological barrier for women and men who want to taste the delights of love “from behind.” The main reason for rejecting piquant pleasure is a steady stereotype that anal love can cause pain.

Anal sex will bring pleasure, if properly prepared for it, and butt plug will help to do it not only painlessly, but also very nice. What types of butt plugs are out there? Butt plug or plug – a device designed for insertion into the anus, will help you learn to relax and manage muscles like what healthy lifestyle yoni eggs do to your vagina.

Application of anal plugs

Before you buy an anal plug going to hotels, you need to clearly understand what effect you want to get in the process of using an intimate device. With the help of this anal plug you can achieve a variety of practical purposes.

  1. Tool to prepare the ass for anal penetration: Physiologically, it is due to the fact that when any foreign body is introduced into the anus, the muscular ring (sphincter) is reduced under the influence of reflexes. To understand how to overcome this barrier, you need to know the structure of the anus.
  2. The “entrance” to the anus is a muscular ring – the external sphincter, the contraction of which is coordinated by the central nervous system, which means that a person can control the work of this group of muscles in the same way as he controls the biceps or abdominal muscles.

The situation is different with the internal sphincter, which is controlled by the vegetative nervous system. It is impossible to relax him by force of will. What to do with the uncontrollable internal sphincter? Both sphincter work only in a “duet”, and the best way to relax them is to stimulate the external muscle band.

Insert the anal plug into the anus. After 5–15 minutes, the external sphincter adapts to the volume object inside, gives the “command” to the internal muscle ring, and the reflex muscle contractions stop, penetration will be not only painless, but pleasant.

As a “simulator” of double penetration

Often, women dream of having sex with two partners, but for psychological reasons they are not ready to realize the dream in practice. Butt plug, which is in the ass of a lady at the time of classical coitus, stimulates the nerve endings of the anus, and gives sensations that are not inferior in lust of anal-vaginal stimulation by the penis. The use of the sleeves of the partner gives pleasure to the man as well, because of the narrowing of the vagina’s muscle walls, intense stimulation is provided to the penis.

As an accessory in erotic games in the direction of Animal Play

Fans of role-playing games make a variety of intimate life, using butt plugs with the tails of different animals, giving the game realistic. As an ornament: Exotic flower, crystal, rhinestones or themed sticker that adorns the base of the plug, look excitingly sexy. They often spank butts with tailed plugs.

For long wear:

Many users are so fond of the sensations of the presence of a plug in the anus, that they practice wearing anal plug during classes, far from sex. In addition to stimulating the anal canal, it also excites the feeling of a little secret hidden from prying eyes.

To stimulate the prostate

The appearance of these anal plugs is visually different from the others: the plug has a rounded tip and a “body” slightly deviated from the axis. This form of sex toy provides the closest contact with the prostate gland. In addition to the fantastic sensations, prostate massage is useful for men’s health: it is the prevention of prostatitis and blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. There are also versions of this which come in the form of vibrators giving happy dose to the user.

Choosing a butt plug

Interested in a toy? You can buy butt plug in our store at attractive prices. When buying the first butt plug users make a mistake, chasing the “dimensional” device. No matter how “appetizing” the big butt plug looked, give preference to the plug from the mini range , otherwise the situation when the plug remains unclaimed or causes a negative experience of anal caresses is not excluded.

Manufacturers of sex toys recommend as a tool to prepare for anal sex to purchase a set of anal plugs , consisting of two or more items with different working surface length and diameter. A set of sex devices will allow you to stretch and “train” the muscles of the anus without wasting, because you do not have to buy a larger anal plug over and over again. If it comes to that, that is bad news so it’s better to learn some alternatives that you can do at home. Check this article with tips on how to make a sex toys with items you can find at home.

The material of the anal plug is another important criterion for selection. Intima industry offers products from modern materials, characterized by durability, environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance, safety in relation to health. Today you can purchase anal plug from:

  • ABS plastic;
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC, PVC);
  • Silicone;
  • Gel (Jelly) ;
  • Medical alloys;
  • Latex;
  • Thermoplastic elastomeric (TPE, TPE , TPR );
  • Glass
  • Metal

It is better to choose elastic materials such as gel, silicone, rubber, latex as the first experiment for anal stimulation. Butt plugs made of metal and glass look luxurious, but at the same time they are characterized by increased rigidity and require skillful handling.

Users note two main disadvantages of materials such as gel and TPR: the specific smell of the toy material and the ability to absorb unpleasant odors. You can get rid of these phenomena with the help of scented cosmetic soap. Manufacturers of sex toys recommend wearing a condom on the body of the toy. This simple manipulation will not allow the toy to absorb the smell and simplify care after use. Another point that must be taken into account when buying an anal plug is a reliable limiter.

For beginners in the subject of anal caresses due to lack of experience, it is especially important to remove the anal plug, which is completely immersed in the anal canal, without the help of a doctor is not possible.

Therefore, the limiter should be not only soft and elastic, so as not to injure the delicate tissues of the anus, but also rather voluminous to ensure reliable fixation between the buttocks.


How to use anal plug

Butt plug, like any sex toy, cannot be used without prior preparation. Unlike vaginal sex toys with anal stimulation, hygiene comes to the fore. Some users are not only not confused, but also attracted by the “dirty” side of the issue.

But, if you are not one of them, then you need to carry out a deep cleaning of the rectum from the remnants of fecal masses. For this purpose, you can use the usual pharmacy syringe, and if you want the procedure to be not only effective, but also to acquire the elements of the game and sensuality, buy a set for an anal shower , which consists of a pear, a hose, one or several nozzles.

Another important point, without which the first experience of anal petting will not become a source of pleasure, is high-quality moisturizing. In the anal canal there are no endocrine glands that produce natural lubrication. You need a special lubricant for anal. The thick consistency of the lubricant provides smooth sliding and maximum contact of the anal plug with the walls of the anal canal. When buying a lubricant, pay attention to its compatibility with the material of your toy.

Silicone-based lubricant is not compatible with silicone anal plugs, and grease-based lubricant will leave unpleasant stains on their surface. The ideal option is a water-based lubricant. Using a special nozzle on a bottle of lubricant, insert the lubricant as far as possible into the anus and apply a pea on the tip of the toy.

Once the anus is moist, you can proceed to the introduction of the plug. It is best to introduce the plug for the first time independently, because synchronizing the manipulations of your own hand with internal sensations is much simpler: the risk of involuntary contractions of the sphincter and, consequently, pain or discomfort will be minimized.

If you completely trust the partner, you can entrust this delicate mission to him, because any manipulations with the anus are very exciting. It is best to relax as much as possible. It is not as hard as inserting urethral plugs to slaves in any role-playing you may want to be in. Well, if the introduction of the plug will be preceded by an erotic massage or rimming (oral caress anus): you not only relax, but also feel the necessary intimacy with your partner and enlist his support.