Go Big or Go Home: A Guide to Using Large Dildos

Improving your dildo game is something everyone should try at least once in their life. If done right, there will be no pain or harm. So what’s the wait? Let’s jump straight into all the things you need to know to begin your large dildo journey.

Using a Large Dildo for the First Time? You Should Read This

When using a dildo for the first time, you can’t just pick any. You should be especially careful when using ones that are on the larger size.

There are some things you have to know and utilize whenever you play with any sex toy. Even though this is a guide for using large dildos, you can apply it to just about any sex toy you want to play with. That’s how you’ll always ensure safety because it’s the most important thing to begin with.

So let’s get you started with these tips for a better dildo experience.

Make Sure It’s Clean

Do you find it surprising that good hygiene is at the top of our list? Of course you’re not. Ensuring your sex toy is clean is of the utmost importance. Why? No matter how colorful and fun it looks, it’s still a foreign object that you’ll be inserting into your body. It doesn’t matter which hole you’re going for — hygiene should be your top priority.

Cleaning your toy should be relatively easy. Most of them require antibacterial soap and a damp cloth. Always research what kind of cleaning the specific material of your toy requires. Clean it before every play, even if you just pulled it out of a box, and it’s brand new.

You think we’re done here? Oh no. Cleaning your toy after your plays is important as well. Don’t ever forget that step. After it’s all nice and clean, find a proper way to store it. Tossing it into your secret drawer is out of the question.

Use a Good Quality Lubricant

A lot of women think that their vaginas are the Niagara waterfalls of wetness. We’re here to tell you that no matter how wet you think you are, you cannot do anything without a good lubricant and a lot of it.

The type of lubricant you’ll reach for depends on the material of your toy. Never mix silicone-based lubricants with silicone toys. This is because the lubricant will break down your toy with time. You might not notice it immediately, but it will definitely happen.

Water-based lubricant is usually your best and safest bet. Once you get yourself some water lube, don’t forget to use a lot of it. One little squirt might not cut it, especially if you’re going for a huge dildo. It will have to fit somehow, and you don’t want to find out what it feels like when the little lube you applied dries out.

Be Gentle, Take It Nice and Slow

You can apply this rule to regular dildos as well. We know that no one simply shoves them in, but it’s worth mentioning it. Some people have tighter holes, especially if we’re talking about your rear end. If a big dildo is about to go into your behind, you’ll have to practice stretching it out for a few days first. Don’t just go in, or you can seriously injure yourself.

If we’re talking about vaginas, you still need to take things slow. Large dildos are nothing like smaller ones, so you have to be careful. Make sure you’re sufficiently horny. To ensure that happens, you can simultaneously stroke some of your erogenous zones. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a large dildo without any issues.

Explore at Your Own Pace

Nobody says that you should start thrusting it immediately once it’s in. First of all, if you experience any pain at all — you should stop at once. All bodies are different. So just because your friend could fit a large dildo doesn’t mean you can do it too. Some people just need more practice or a bit more stretching.

This is why you should always listen to your body and act accordingly. Never push yourself over the limits because you think you could fit more. Injuries can and will happen if you’re not careful. You can even take it a day at a time. One day, you’ll fit the tip of it; the next day, you can try with a little more. Being eager won’t serve you well in this scenario. Being patient, however, is definitely key.

Choosing Your First Large Dildo

There are several things to think about when choosing the right one. Are you looking for a dildo that’s long or large in girth? Think about how other things you’ve tried make you feel. We’re talking about penises of different sizes if you’ve had multiple partners, how many fingers you prefer, which toy feels the best, etc. From this point on, you’ll kind of get an idea of what you’re looking for in a dildo.

Whether you’re looking for length or girth, you’ll find a lot of different kinds of toys on the market or even online like in LG. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s one important thing to keep in mind — you never have to insert an entire dildo! Whatever feels good for you is exactly what you should do. After you figure out the length and girth, you can move on to other features.

Think about whether you like smooth or textured toys. They will all give you different sensations. If you’ve never experienced either of those before, maybe you should experiment a little first.

Must-Try: Fisting Dildos

Now that you know you’re into big dildos, let’s talk about fisting. Fisting does sound like a lot, and that’s because it is. It definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. So if you’re a beginner, you might want to sit this one out until you’re ready for it.

Fisting toys are exactly what they sound like — dildos molded into the shape of a hand with either a clenched fist or straight fingers gathered to a point. Yes, they are the size of an actual hand. Fitting all of this inside yourself isn’t an easy task. So don’t go straight for the actual fist because that bite might be more than you can take.

Always start slowly, which means you should go for the one with straight fingers first. Of course, there are smaller models to choose from too.


If none of your regular-sized dildos are doing anything for you, maybe it’s time to go bigger. Always remember to use plenty of lube and take things slow. We wouldn’t want you injuring yourself in any kind of way. This kind of play should be fun and not painful, so let’s make sure to keep it that way.